Kevin Burgess

Texas A & M University
Rachal Professor of Chemistry
ILSB Building, Room 2161
301 Old Main Drive
College Station, TX 77843-3474
Cell: 979-845-4345
Fax: 979-845-8839


Andrea Scott

Administrative Assistant to Dr. Kevin Burgess
Phone: 979-845-1847
Hours: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday

Perspective students

Yes! We have vacancies for bright and self-motivated graduate students every year.

If you are specifically interested in our research at Texas A & M, please email Dr Burgess directly. If you have a fellowship from your home country that provides full or partial support for your stay at TAMU, make that absolutely clear in your email. Please note, Dr. Burgess does not oversee the admissions process. To join The Burgess Group as a graduate student, you must first be accepted into the Chemistry PhD program at TAMU. Dr. Burgess cannot accept any students unless you are accepted into the PhD program.

To make an application, please follow this procedure.

US Citizens And Green Card Holders
Your GPA and GRE scores are critical for admission.

For All Other Applicants
TOEFL and GRE scores are absolutely critical. Some students apply who have excellent research papers from undergraduate or MS research, but this will not help if these scores are low. Students who take these exam and do not score well, please try again! Send the scores in even if it is after the official deadline. Aim for over 600 in the TOEFL test. Of course, if you have a fellowship that provides full or partial support for your stay at TAMU, make that absolutely clear in the application.


We are searching for self-motivated people to join the group in the immediate future. In particular, we need people with good synthetic skills, but other expertise is welcome. This could include experience with peptides, peptidomimetics, calculations on biological molecules, some research history involving manipulation of proteins, or with fluorescent dyes.

Interested applicants please email in pdf format:

  • Complete CV showing all previous and current research mentors
  • List of publications
  • Summary of previous research

Please indicate the date you will be available. It accelerates the process if applications are accompanied by letters of recommendation from research mentors.

We apologize in advance, but we cannot respond to all applications.